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Golden Doodle Puppies For Sale

Ah, nothing like a nice and adorable pet to keep us company form the ongoing pressures and stress of this thing we call life. Seriously, they are the epitome of stress relievers. Just being in their presences and petting them all day long and even playing with and taking them for walks, that is just the therapy that most of us probably need. Everybody needs a pet, man. Lucky for us there are goldendoodle puppies for sale in Chicago.

We once had a dog too. Back when we were still teenagers, we had this much that was just your typical street dog. We adopted her when she had been just a puppy and our brother named her Panz. Why Panz? We will never know.

Our brother said it was from a game or something but we did not care to really find out. We were just really happy to have a dog. And for a street dog, she had been really pretty and fluffy. So adorable too. We loved her and always played with her and took very good care of her.

Our dad loved her too and treated her as if she had been our sister and she was his daughter. Our family LOVES dogs, alright? And she had been with us for a total of maybe two or three years. As time goes by, she had become just a little bit chaotic and funny. Before she sued to be so scared of us and only even came near us when she was cold or hungry.

Other than that, she stayed away. But as time flew by she started to really get excited when we would go near her. She would bark and then once let out of her pen, would run at us at top speed and then proceed to lick us if she could, trying to climb over us. She loved us as much as we did her.

There was a bunch of time that we would wake up in the morning to her staring at us and asking for a pat. Other times we would almost step on her because she would sleep below our bed as if she was guarding us and just wants to be with us. God, we miss her.

We do hope she is happy and safe up there in heaven. So yeah as you can guess, that amazing dog that also resembled a lion because of her neck-fur, died a few years ago. Why? Well, she was SO sick and when we say sick, we MEAN REALLY sick.

Sick enough to actually eat her own dead puppies. And no we are not trolling you or exaggerating. She did eat her dead young and maybe that must have screwed her? Or maybe it was the whole birthing process.

We came home from work one day, all smiling and contented with the productivity we had that day, only for our brother to tell us out of the blue that Panz died. We cried for hours in front of the place she was buried. We miss her. She was our first baby girl.