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What Tips To Follow For A Successful Hair Transplant?

Obtaining a hair transplant is a significant decision and not one which you need to take lightly. If you've been losing hair regularly, then you should first consult with an expert. Following a thorough evaluation, the physician needs to be able to inform you if you're a fantastic enough candidate to get a hair transplant or not. 

Additionally and more importantly, your ‘hair loss’ (which is known as ‘hrtap’ in the Norwegian language) must have stabilized, since if you're still shedding hair, there's not any point to this transplant.

Even before your process is launched, you'll be supplied with a list of dos and don ts and it's very important that you bear in mind these from the hours that follow the process. 

hair transplantation in Norway

In most practices, you'll be provided a printed version of all of these directions, because odds of folks forgetting these directions is normally significant.

For the first three nights, you ought to sleep with your head slightly raised, since this can keep the chances of swelling low. For the upcoming few weeks, you'll be requested to eliminate alcohol in addition to smoking. 

You'll also be requested to prevent drugs that contain aspirin since this is a blood thinner and intensive it might result in problems with the recovery. It's very important that you tell your transplant physician about all medications that you may be taking on a regular basis.