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Several Things You Should Know About Folding Machines

The folding machine is very essential to perform many tasks related to paper folding. For example, to construct a book, you need to fold the papers. The best paper folder is helpful in doing any job with ease as it can fold a large number of papers together.

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There are mainly three types of paper folding machines. Those three types are:

  • The buckle or plate
  • The knife  
  • The combination folder

The third type of machine uses a buckle and knife in some different stages.

Working Mechanism

Each type of folding machine has a different work mechanism.

For the buckle type,

1. The machine works by creating a fold when the paper hits the backstop.

2. In this type, the paper is taken through a set of rollers into a plate.

3. Then the paper is collapsed and pushed down into a set of rollers.

4. After that, the nip rollers will take the sheet of paper at the buckle and then fold it.

For the knife folder, you the fold are ended by using a blunt steel blade.

1. The blades will push the internal part of the paper that is folded between two rollers.

2. The combination folder work by pushing the sheet to additional units to have more folds.

3. The knife folders always make parallel folds as it is helpful in folding the sheet at the right angels.