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Types of Keyless Entry Locks to Choose From

There are several types of keyless entry keys that you can use at the entry point of your home. Usually, the front door is a place that people choose to use this type of key because this is the key they use most often and want to be able to get in and out without using their key.

If you are tired of looking for keys at night or don't feel safe and secure about the keys you are currently using, then take the time to find out about all the different types available for you to use in your home. You can also purchase fingerprint door lock online.

UL900 KEYless Fingerprint Door Locking System, Bluetooth Door Lock

1. One type of key that will give you a keyless entry is one that has a key combination that you must enter so that the key can rotate. This combination can consist of only a few numbers or can consist of several depending on the level of security you want to have.

2. Another type that you can find is the type that has a digital button that you can use. This is different from the other types which will only allow you to use one number once.

3. Biometric keys offer something a little different. Whether triggered by a retinal scan or more commonly with fingerprint scans, this key offers a very safe entry method.

4. There is also an option to open your door remotely, in the same way as opening a car door. This generally complements the digital keyless system and the market for this add-on is of course developing.

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