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Why More Teens Are Abusing Painkiller Meds

Drug abuse is one of the most pressing issues facing the United States, and is one that threatens the people at every level of our society. While drugs including marijuana, cocaine and heroin has traditionally received the greatest amount of attention in the discussion of drug abuse and addiction, painkiller prescriptions and painkillers in particular an opioid.

opioid  is now one of the most comprehensive drug of abuse. While people of all ages are susceptible to getting hooked on powerful addictive drugs, a new study has shown that teens and young adults are statistically the most common users of painkillers.

Babies born to mothers who have problems with drugs aren’t born opioid dependent , but the babies can be born with drugs in their system. This can cause them a great deal of discomfort.

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Prescription Painkiller Abuse Statistics

Prescription painkillers has long been the drug most commonly abused both among teenagers and young adults, following marijuana. There is, in fact, occurred about a thousand percent increase in the level of pain medication abuse among teens since the 1960s.

Painkillers and other pharmaceutical drugs became popular drug abuse for various reasons, including the fact that they can be obtained legally by patients and doctors are increasingly turning to drugs to treat pain patients.

It's the same reason can largely explain the high rates of addiction and overdose involving the abuse of painkillers. Consider, for example, that the famous addictive opioid painkiller Vicodin is a pharmaceutical drug most commonly prescribed in the country. Given that painkillers are some of the most commonly prescribed drugs in this country, should not be surprising that teens and young adults are turning to them as the most easily available.

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